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Delta Airlines, with its corporate office and main headquarters at Hartsfield – Jackson Atlanta national airport in Atlanta, Georgia, is a prominent American carrier. The reports state that last year, 91 million people made Delta Airlines reservations to travel. Since 1929, the airline has effectively rendered its market position by servicing travelers. The carrier conducts more than 5,000 flights a day and handles 200 million customers an annum. The airline now operates a vast regional and foreign network serving about 300 locations in over 50 nations and 6 continents. The route map of the Major carrier is based on a terminal scheme, a regional portal, with main airports in Atlanta, Houston, Chicago, London-Heathrow, Los Angeles, and Cincinnati-St. Paul, La Guardia, Brooklyn-JFK, Prague-Charles de Gaulle, Seattle, long beach City, and Bangkok-Narita.

The carrier is part of the SkyTeam airline alliance’s 4 early leaders and has code-sharing arrangements with Air France-KLM, Alitalia, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Australia, and Korean Air. Such joint ventures cover more than 300 destinations in 127 separate countries. The national operation operates under the Delta Link brand name.

The mediums of making Delta Airlines Flight Reservations:

Delta Airlines Flight Reservations
  • The airline provides several options to enable Delta Airlines Flight Reservations such that the travelers have several choices. 
  • Passengers can easily go to the Delta Airlines Reservations segment on the official website 
  • Passengers even contact the Delta Airlines management team by phone to enable Delta Airlines Flight Bookings
  • The passengers can call any TA (travel agent / Agency) and make a booking 
  • Clients could even head to the kiosk in a matter of minutes to make Delta Airlines Reservations
  • Last but perhaps not least, there’s always an opportunity for passengers to access the Delta app on their smartphones to enable Delta Airlines Reservations without any issues.

Please note that the aforementioned list is not exhaustive.

Delta Airlines Online reservations:

If you’re trying to book with the most popular carriers, just head to the Delta Airlines reservations section on the official website of Delta. The method is as easy just like ABC. Check the home page for the reservations tab. To make a booking, you need to enter the departure point and location for the trip, along with the date and time. 

Steps to make Delta Airlines reservations offline:

In case you are not aware of how to book a Delta flight with Delta Airlines then you can simply go to the airport near you and head to the kiosk of  Delta Airlines reservations and ask for Delta’s representative to help you with booking a Delta flight. You just need to follow the steps mentioned below:

Delta Airlines reservations offline
  1. Head to the Delta kiosk to make Delta Airlines booking to the nearest airport.
  2. Now talk to the representative of Delta to make the Delta reservations easily
  3. Once you reach there you need to make sure you have an Identity proof, card details or debit card or credit card
  4. After this, you will be asked for the details like name, age, number of tickets you wish to reserve, and more by the Delta executive.
  5. Now you will be shown the amount that has to be paid. 
  6. After that, you will have to pay the amount flashing on the screen by the executive with the help of your debit/ credit card.
  7. Now to make the payment you will have to enter your debit or credit card details like the number on the card, name on the card, validity date, and more. 
  8. Once you make the transaction you will get a confirmation message from the airline and also from your bank.
  9. If you receive the message or email from the airline then your Delta Airlines tickets reservations have been made successfully. 

Delta Airlines reservations number

It has been noted that many people find it difficult to make reservations from websites for which Delta Airlines allows book Delta flight tickets via Delta Airlines Phone number. According to research, people prefer making reservations on Delta Phone number as the customer service is amazing. As delta acknowledges the apprehension of those who don’t feel confident making an online purchase. It gives a 24×7 usable customer support call.

Steps to book a ticket via Delta Airlines contact number:

Delta Airlines contact number
  1. Call on Delta Airlines phone number to make a reservation with Delta Airlines.
  2. Once you call on the aforementioned number a Delta representative will answer the call as soon as possible
  3. Now the Delta representative will ask for some details from you to make Delta Airlines reservations on your behalf. 
  4. You need to tell the representative your name, age, departure point, destination, phone number, email ID, and the number of tickets you would like to book. 
  5. Once you give all the details the representative will snd a link to your phone number as well as your email ID so that you can make the payment. 
  6. Now you will have to make the payment using your debit or credit card details 
  7. Once you receive the payment message and mail you can know that your tickets have been booked successfully.
  8. After you make the Delta Airlines reservations via the Delta booking number you will know that it is as easy as ABC. 

Delta Airlines reservations using the Delta App:

Nowadays there is an app for every activity like shopping, making restaurant reservations, movie reservations, and making appointments with a doctor and there is one too to make Delta flight reservations. It has been noticed that using apps for making any kind of reservation is just easier as the features are very user-friendly. 

Steps to make Delta Airlines reservations via Delta App:

Delta Airlines reservations number
  1. Before beginning to make the Delta reservations you will have to download the Delta Airlines app
  2. The Delta App is available on the Play Store as the Delta App android and it is also available on the Appstore as the Delta App iPhone x
  3. Now you have to download the Delta Airlines app according to the mobile phone you own. 
  4. Once you download the app you will have to let it install. 
  5. After the Delta App is installed on your phone you can enter your basic details like name, age, phone number, email ID, and more
  6. If you make Delta airlines reservations from the Delta App you will also earn some points which you can use for your next delta reservations. 

Meal Options on board with Delta on making Delta Reservations:

After you book a Delta Airlines flight, the airline serves a number of food choices on its services, from Biscoff biscuit treats to multi-cuisine dinners. Travelers in Basic Economy and Main Cabin are supplied with free food and can order meal products for trips beyond 900 miles from the Flight Fuel catalog. First-class travelers can enjoy free flight meals, with small treats on short trips, smaller medium-flight meals, and complete meal service on longer flights. Exclusive seasonal and national options are provided to travelers traveling in the First class.

Unique Food Requirements 

The airline will deliver a range of dishes to match individual nutrient needs. In MyTrips, this will be achieved by calling or scheduling digitally, at least 24 hours before traveling. The menus accessible are as follows:

Child Meal:

If you are making Delta reservations with a baby along with you then you do not have to worry about your child’s meal. Delta understands an individual’s needs, especially the ones with a baby. Passengers carrying a baby will be offered the option to choose from the Baby Meal and Children’s Meal. 

Dietary Meal:

If you are flying with Delta airlines after making a Delta Airlines booking but you are following a certain diet or facing a health issue that may lead you to follow on to a Dietary Meal then you do not have to worry because you have the followings options to choose from:

  • The passengers can go for a Bland Meal
  • The passengers can go for a Diabetic Meal
  • The passengers can go for a Gluten Intolerant Meal
  • The passengers can go for a Low Calorie/fat/cholesterol Meal
  • The passengers can go for a Low Sodium Meal

Vegetarian Meals

As mentioned above, Delta Airlines understands the different needs of everyone for and it also offers a pure vegetarian meal option for its passengers. If you have made a Delta Airlines booking and you are a vegetarian then you may choose from the following:

  • The passengers can go for a Vegetarian Asian Meal – Transpacific
  • The passengers can go for a Vegetarian Asian Meal – Transatlantic
  • The passengers can go for a Vegetarian Vegan Meal
  • The passengers can go for a Vegetarian Lacto-Ovo Meal

Religious Meal:

Delta Airlines welcomes passengers from every religion and offers all kinds of religious meals for the passengers making Delta Airlines reservations. It does not matter to which religion you belong you have an option to choose from:

  • The passengers can go for a Hindu Meal
  • The passengers can go for a Kosher Meal
  • The passengers can go for a Muslim Meal

Regional Meal:

If you are specific about your meals because of the region you belong to then you do not have to worry because on making Delta bookings you will have the following options to choose from:

  • The passengers can go for a Chinese Meal
  • The passengers can go for a Japanese Meal
  • The passengers can go for a Korean Meal

Drinks on making Delta Bookings:

Cordial soft drinks are offered to all travelers. Both longer journeys and short journey flights are equipped with coffee, brew, champagne, and drinks. Starbucks, food, champagne, and liquor may be on board for journeys beyond 250 miles but travelers must be 21 years of age or older to drink liquor on board.

In-flight Entertainment

With the outstanding in-flight entertainment system from Delta, you won’t mind the time that passes throughout your trip. Pick from a variety of tv programs, documentaries, tracks, and videos, and sit comfortably and enjoy the trip. The airline suggests installing the Gogo Entertainment application prior to your journey to improve your comfort level on board.


You will never be disappointed in making Delta Airlines reservations as there will be no compromise on entertainment as well. You will be able to witness the famous videos, the edge-of-the-range in-flight entertainment provider from the in-flight streaming network provides travel films, entertainment shows, reality shows, plays, and leisure programming. Check out famous sitcoms and award-winning Television programs.


As said above on making the Delta Airlines booking you will enjoy the journey completely as there is a full-on entertainment package available for the passengers no matter what cabin you are sitting in. Whatever your choice in entertainment is, there’s plenty you’ll consider that promises entertainment for both tastes and generations. Even if you’re searching for the Hollywood hit you skipped on the cinema screen or the Indianapolis cult favorite with more than 300 movies eligible, you’re expected to find the right picture.

How to make Delta Airlines Reservations Online?

A number of travelers are afraid of making online reservations. As described previously, there are several forms to make Delta Airlines reservations, so if you’re searching for the most trouble-free and easy option then book tickets by making Delta reservations online. You just need an internet signal to book your seats. Follow the actions described below to book with Delta Airlines:

Delta Airlines Reservations Online
  • Switch to the device’s Internet server 
  • Enter Delta Airlines now in the search feature and press Enter key 
  • Select Delta’s official website from the list  
  • On the website, you can see the booking portion where you need to input the specifics of your trip, such as the point of departure, location, number of passengers, gender, contact number, e-mail address, ticket form, and more.
  • When you are happy with the information inserted, pick the payment type 
  • Type the passwords and the identification data 
  • On authorized credentials, you should get an SMS or an acknowledgment regarding the payment
  • After you have got the verification message from Delta Airlines you should be assured that your bookings have been completed 
  • Kudos, you make good reservations with Delta Airlines

When you’re ready to make Delta Airlines bookings so we recommend you run over all the relevant considerations before you take any move. Call the Delta officials on the 24×7 customer service line for any questions, or check the company website for about the same.

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