Delta Airlines Gift Card

Delta Gift Cards may just be reclaimed for the expense of air transportation, including duties, charges, and overcharges forced by the air transportation. They may not be utilized for any extra expenses (counting bag charges) or for some other items or administrations (counting overhauls, in-flight buys, premium seating, mileage supporter, SkyMiles Cruises, load, lodging stays, or vehicle rentals). 

Delta Airlines Gift cards might be recovered for any Delta-advertised flight worldwide by visiting or by calling on the Delta Airlines customer service number.

A valid US address is required to buy Delta gift cards from 

The eGift Card Number and Redemption Code situated in the computerized Delta eGift Card (“eGift”) or on the rear of the physical Delta Gift Card, as relevant, are required for redemption. 

Delta eGifts and the Delta gift Cards bought through may not be recovered inside seventy-two (72) hours after the hour of procurement. 

Delta airlines cards bought in retail stores may require minimum twenty-four (24) hours after the hour of procurement before redemption. 

To buy or redeem Delta Gift Cards, you must go ahead with one of the techniques determined underneath: 

Make a Call to the Delta Airlines Reservations team and exhort the executive that you want to buy or redeem Delta gift Card. In the U.S. furthermore, Canada, call ; in Japan, call and in every other nation, connect with the nearby Delta Airlines Reservations office. This strategy for Delta gift card redemption may bring about direct tagging charges. 

  • Call Delta Vacations team at . (Travel planners, call .) 
  • Face to face at a Delta Airlines Ticket counter Office (CTO) or with Delta Airlines Airport Customer Service (ACS). 
  • Through a Delta Airlines General Sales Agent (GSA).

Delta gift cards terms and conditions:

To redeem Delta gift cards or even to check gift card balance, visit and enter the gift card data in the provided field. 

  • Delta gift cards can’t be utilized to pay for any money part of an Award or Miles + Cash Ticket. 
  • Delta eGifts and  the Delta Airlines gift cards may just be utilized for movement on Delta Air Lines showcased flights, including those worked as Delta Connection and by Delta Airlines codeshare accomplices with a Delta Airlines flight number. 
  • Delta eGifts and Delta Airlines gift cards might be utilized toward Delta Vacations bundles. 
  • Delta eGifts and Delta gift cards are given uniquely in U.S. dollars (“USD”). On the off chance that an eGift or a Card is utilized for the acquisition of a ticket gave in a cash other than USD, the full estimation of the eGift or Card will be changed over to that money utilizing the Bankers Rate of Exchange in actuality on the date of ticket issuance, and the pace of trade will be demonstrated on the ticket. 
  • Tickets bought utilizing eGifts and Delta gift cards are dependent upon the Delta Airlines Contract of Carriage and fare policy (counting change charges). 
  • Whenever you redeem Delta Gift Card, at, a limit of three eGifts or Cards can be applied towards a single exchange, paying little amount for the quantity of tickets bought as a major aspect of that exchange; whenever redeemed through some other method, a limit of three eGifts or Cards can be applied toward a single ticket. 
  • eGifts and Cards can be utilized with different eGifts as well as Cards, yet can’t be utilized related to some other declaration, voucher or credit towards a solitary ticket. 
  • Delta eGifts and Delta gift cards are not reloadable and don’t lapse. No administration or dormancy expenses apply. 
  • The Delta eGifts and Cards, including those that are lost, taken, or annihilated, won’t be traded by Delta in any capacity whatsoever. 
  • The Delta eGifts and Cards are not credit, charge or charge cards, and have no inferred guarantees.
  • The Delta eGifts and Delta gift cards are non-refundable and can’t be recovered or traded for money, check or credit aside from where discount or recovery is legally necessary. You may not utilize a Gift Card to buy other Gift Cards. Gift vouchers bought from can’t be loaded again, exchanged, or transferred for any value. Void whenever reloaded, exchanged, transferred for any value, or reclaimed for money. Unused Gift Cards may not be transferred other than as a blessing. All out buys on for any one individual may not surpass 5,000 dollars ($5,000.00) in one single day. 
  • Where eGifts or Delta gift cards are spent for a ticket, yet travel isn’t taken, the estimation of the reclaimed ticket (after any pertinent charges) will be furnished as per Delta Airlines’ standard arrangement in regards to ticket discounts. 
  • Delta eGifts and Delta gift cards may just be sold by Delta and Delta-authorized merchants. eGifts and Cards that are available to be purchased or sold by an unlicensed merchant are dependent upon reallocation or voiding by Delta. 
  • The Delta eGifts and Delta airlines gift cards that are modified or acquired falsely are dependent upon seizure or voiding by Delta. 
  • Delta isn’t answerable for the Delta eGifts or Delta gift cards that are undeliverable or not reached because of wrong address data given by the buyer. 
  • Delta maintains whatever authority is needed to drop or hold for the exchanges started utilizing eGifts or Cards for suspected misrepresentation, off base declaration or card section, or infringement of any declared terms and conditions. 
  • Delta may whenever and without notice change the terms and conditions of the Delta gift cards or agreement with an outsider to regulate the terms of the eGift or Delta gift card program.
  • Utilization of eGifts and Delta airlines gift cards is dependent upon appropriate law. In case of a contention between these terms and conditions and relevant law, pertinent law will oversee. 
  • The laws of the territory of Virginia, regardless of its contentions of law arrangements, apply to these Terms and Conditions and utilization of any Delta eGift or gift card. 

Delta and its offshoots make no guarantees, express or suggested, as for eGifts and Cards, including any express or inferred guarantee of merchantability or qualification for a specific reason. 

Delta eGifts and Cards are given by and are exclusively the commitment of Delta Gift Cards, Inc. (“DGC”), a member of Delta Airlines Inc., that is approved to issue eGifts and Cards available to be purchased by Delta and Delta-authorized merchants to be recovered toward the absolute price tag of air transportation on Delta Airlines hosted flights.

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